Enjoy London's Skyline at These Rooftop Bars

Now that the first heat wave has hit London, and people are pouring into the shops to stock up on tees, summer dresses and shorts, it’s also time to hit the rooftops of London. As the many boroughs of the city has it’s own inimitable character, you’ll never tire of seeing the view from up top. So swap out the sidewalk for a swankier cocktail and enjoy the hotter weather from some of our top rooftop bar picks. 

Aqua Spirit

Photo Courtesy of Melon Events

Located in the heart of London a stones throw away from Oxford Circus, the is the best place to take in the hustle and bustle of the city without actually being swallowed up by the crowd. The terrace, from where you can sip your swanky ‘Aqua-only’ cocktails, opens up from Aqua Nueva, the Spanish restaurant that serves high-end tapas and other delicacies mirrors the contemporary décor of the glamourous west end feel.

Queen of Hoxton

Photo Courtesy of Queen of Hoxton

The long queues are the only downside to this Eastside locale. Situated between Old Street and Shoreditch, Queen of Hoxton is one of the most Instagrammable bars and a local favourite. With a less bouji and much more laid back feel than the Aqua Spirit, Queen of Hoxton boasts an indoor ground level bar which then spirals up into the rooftop area, where you’ll first pass through a covered lounge boasting theatrical décor that changes season by season. Through there, the rooftop awaits.

Golden Bee

Photo Courtesy of Time Out

This neighbouring bar is less ‘Shoreditch’ and a bit more upscale in its vibe. The Golden Bee can be found on a side street right off the steps of Old Street Station. It’s small, so it can get crowded with everyone vying for a seat on their plush couches. Looking out, you’ll get an amazing view of the Old Street roundabout, a more commercial side of the East end, you’ll still feel the East end atmosphere.

St. Paul’s Madison

Photo Courtesy of About Time Magazine

This Manhattan style bar is the perfect place to spend a long afternoon, offering comfort food and your classic drinks. Soak in the buzzy atmosphere and enjoy a classic burger while gazing at the City skyline. St. Paul’s Madison is a new way to enjoy the views along the times without the usual crowds along the Southbank.  

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