F Is For Fendi

Last night Fendi embraced full logomania for its new capsule collection with Net-a-porter. Dating back to 1974, the brand’s iconic FF logo in its archival square configuration was but beamed in flashing LED lights on the ceilings of the House of Vans skate park in South London where the party was hosted.  Leading to the main rooms of the venue, one had to pass through a tunnel where the FF logo was seen in varying iterations, tracing its storied evolution. Reaching the main floor, dancers were wearing head-to-toe monogrammed outfits from its new collection.

Courtesy of Crash Magazine

The venue, dancers, music and the entire set-up was arranged to be highly Instagrammable, targeting the social media and street style era. As of late, the boundaries between luxury and street style have blurred quite significantly with the introduction of sneakers, puffer jackets, hoodies and slides on their respective runways for the past few seasons.

As Silvia Venturini Fendi told WWD, “The logo itself is very urban, it’s not like it was in the Eighties where it was just associated with an expensive price tag. People interpret clothes according to their personalities, if you want to mix a logo with streetwear or a ballgown you can. It’s interesting to see that people really talk through their clothes, making them part of their personal vision.”

Courtesy of Evening Standard

Not only was Venturini advocating for individual style, but she was celebrating the heritage of the city – what makes London unique in the fashion world is its historical underground style that from it, has stemmed many great designers and fashion movements. The collection and the event was all about the remix and aptly so named as FF re-loaded.

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