We Heart New York

New York, New York - Another year, another month and another fashion week. The takeaway for this season was the on-going popularity of nostalgia, models such as Kaia Gerber and Joan Smalls cementing this with the ubiquitous 90s model runway spin. With the decreasing line-up that pervades New York Fashion Week every season, the designers who have stayed, made sure to have seminal catwalk moments, keeping the fashion capital in the spotlight.

There was no doubt about it that the collections were strong, perhaps because the overarching trend was to reference the 80s, which included showstopping prints, powerful silhouettes and high wattage colours. Tom Ford brought back animalia despite his most recent stand with the fur-free movement, leopard prints ran a plenty on neon coloured suits. While Ford covered after-hour's party, Wang took lead on the 9-5 woman. Proclaimed as his last fashion week show - as Wang follows suit in departing from the traditional fashion schedule - the show was staged at the old Condé Nast building, a fitting adieu to the 'old system'. The collection was 'Matrix' meets 'The Working Girl', powerhouse silhouettes with slick black attire paired with the ever-pervasive tiny-framed sunglasses.

Who better than to show true powerhouse dressing than our 90's icon turned businesswoman than Victoria Beckham. Also said to be departing from the New York schedule, the designer made sure to leave a lasting impression. True to her Posh Spice moniker, sophistication laid the foundation for the collection, With it, sleek and shapely cuts stole shone through trench coats, dresses and suiting. The takeaway for the show, square-toed loafers and big bags.

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