The Chloé Girl - Femininities by Guy Bourdin

The changing of guards came at a time when heads of houses were moving left, right and around, but at Chloé, an unexpected promotion of Ghesquière’s chief lieutenant helped fill the rank of creative director. When Natacha Ramsay-Levi was sworn in, many were eager to see her fresh new take on Chloé, yet Ramsay-Levi is eager to preserve the story of the Chloé girl envisioned by founder Gaby Aghion.

Photograph Courtesy of Dazed Digital

As one of the most luxurious of fashion events, Paris Couture Week, kicks off this week, the brand announced that it would open a maison celebrating the house’s heritage. Maison Chloé, a space set to hold year-round exhibitions and events, opens its doors to a selection of work from famed fashion photographer Guy Bourdin. The exhibition called Femininities – Guy Bourdin, explores the relationship between the photographer, the house, and the Chloé girl.

Photography Courtesy of Wonderland Magazine

“I am very proud to be a part of a house founded by a woman to dress women. I want to create fashion that enhances the personality of the woman who wears it, fashion that creates a character and an attitude, without ever imposing a ‘look’”.  - Natacha Ramsay-Levi

In homage of Aghion’s ever-changing girl, the Chloé story seen through the lens of Bourdin’s imagery captures its ephemeral nature and carefree spirit. It was without a doubt one of the most established and uncharted relationships in the brand’s history, “people don’t know about this relationship” says curator Judith Clark, “actually Bourdin… pretty much shot more Chloe than anyone while working at Paris VOGUE between the late 50s and late 80s”.

Photograph Courtesy of The Telegraph