ERDEM X H&M Announced

With an already impressive back catalogue of designer collaborations under their belt, H&M aren't planning to slow down any time soon, with the next collaboration announced today to be with London-based label Erdem, launching on 2nd November this year.  

Erdem Moralioglu is one of Britain's most romantic designers, his jewel-tone prints and beautiful embellishments regular red carpet favourites, worn by stars such as Rita Ora, Kiara Knightley and Nicole Kidman. No wonder the fuss has already begun about this new collection then, which will feature his famously feminine womenswear, an accessories line and, for the first time ever, a collection for men.

The collection comes tens years after the launch of Moralioglu's first collection, after which the brand grew and grew. Now bringing his designs to a global stage, the designer comments, “I had so many thoughts! It made me think there’s something hugely exciting about doing something on such a global scale. I think there’s something democratic about offering what you do to so many people in so many different countries.” Disclosing that the collaboration has been a chance for himself to look back over his work, signature designs and floral prints are anticipated to feature heavily, as he explains, “I’ve always been fascinated by things that explore femininity, whether it’s lace or flowers or the aesthetics of beauty.”

Inspired to tell narratives, the collaboration not only launching an exciting new collection by a film to bring the collection to life by visionary film director Baz Luhrmann through his wonderful storytelling abilities.

ERDEM x H&M will be available in selected stores and online on 2nd November.