Noughtie but Nice

We never thought we would have to think of those horrendous outfit choices again, but a 00s revival is clearly evident on the runways. Once again we are looking to circa-2003 Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan for fashion inspiration and it's scaring us. Think you had this season's trends nailed with a slip dress? Think again....


Noughties Nostalgia 

A fashion stage that most people wish they could burn the photographic evidence of, who would have believe that 17 years later we would be rummaging for those awful velour tracksuits and low-cut jeans? First inspired by the growing culture around pop music videos, the internet has worked its magic to bring back the 00s, largely helped by dedicated Instagram accounts such as @popculturediedin2009, @partylikeitsthe2000s and @everyoutfitonsatc or's 'This Week In 2007' Column. These feeds provide perfect inspo for in the moment it-girls, and seem to have worked their way into inspiring the latest looks from the runways and celebrity stylist.

But don't start recreating those embarrassing photos just yet; the noughties is back but with a welcome twist, meaning you can leave the cargo pants, trucker hats and dresses over jeans were they were. Instead, think pink, oversized and styled trackies with a few crop tops and cutout dresses thrown in for good measure. Not only that, our 00s favourite Juicy Couture velour set can make its comeback, seen all over the Vetements catwalk.