Our Favourite Weekend Getaway Destinations

After having been spoiled with two consecutive long weekends in a row, it’s no wonder that we’re already planning our next mini getaway trip. Staycations seem to be the only option as we’re now back to our five-day work week but we’ve managed to still compile a list of places that you can escape to on such a limited amount of time. 

Biarritz, France

Without the glitz and glamour of the French Riviera, Biarritz is still without a doubt an attractive and charming locale for vacationers. As France’s surfing capitol, the beach is dotted with rows of striped tents and cafes, more reminiscent of a jaunty boardwalk than a luxurious resort. Despite its more modest appearance, Biarritz has had a glamorous history and was the preferred holiday spot for royals and nobility. Its old school charm mixed with its easy-going atmosphere makes this the perfect relaxing spot.

Urbino, Italy

When one thinks of Italy, one tends to think of the shopping streets of Milan or the historically packed Rome, but one place that many seem to skim over is Le Marche, one of the twenty regions of Italy. A hilly and mountainous terrain that stretches along the Adriatic coast, the real treasure of Le Marche is Urbino, a quaint yet historically rich town where the painter Raphael was born. Visit the house where the painter took his first steps, wander through the Ducal Palace and admire the view in the Parco della Resistenza that’s located just beside one of Urbino’s defensive fortress.

Kefalonia, Greece

For a real city break, a trip to Kefalonia is a must. As one of the lesser known islands yet still boasts a myriad of Greek charm, think clear blue water and sandy beaches, it’s a no-brainer as to why this shouldn't be next on your vacation list. Stretch out on Myrtos Beach for some R&R before visiting some of the island's medieval castles, Byzantine style monasteries and eclectic villages.


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