Cruisin' with the Big Four

There was a mix of looks from the Big Four’s resort shows last week. Continuation of styles among each brand was absent as each designer translated their individual take on resort wear.


Chanel looked back at better times, where mythological creatures roamed the earth alongside divine figures. Classic tweed sets were still there in more natural silhouettes paired with gold embellished accessories and brightly coloured gladiator sandals, the sure to be sold-out piece from this collection. Lagerfeld’s pure white two-piece suits and draping silhouettes mirrored the beautiful ruins on set and in what seems like an increasingly ugly world, it’s no wonder ancient beauty became his inspiration. “The criteria of beauty in ancient, then classical, Greece still holds true. There have never been more beautiful representations of women.”


Louis Vuitton didn’t travel as far back as Chanel did, but just a plane ride to the East. It comes as no surprise as Ghesquiére’s previous collections and campaign’s referenced Japanese influences. This time around the designer mixed a few of the nation’s famed motifs taking from their martial arts history, beautiful landscapes and traditional cinematic costumes. What made this collection most spectacular was the brand’s collaboration with famed designer Kansai Yamamoto who drew up characters featured on the collection’s pieces and most notably on the handbags that featured Kabuki mask designs. 


Seamlessly transitioning to her resort collection, Miuccia Prada’s resort line was dotted with feather trimming. Re-introducing Prada’s most meritorious motifs from past collections seemed to be the running theme amongst this collection. Feather headdresses from the brand’s Spring 2014 collection resurrected itself whilst woodland rabbits bounded across handbags and accessories reminiscent of Prada’s Spring 2008 line. The rest of the collection featured athleisure inspired pieces – luxe tracsuit, sport socks and windbreaker-type jackets, and the brand’s ultra cool new Velcro trainers.


Calabasas, located in the hills of the San Fernando Valley, an unassertive city has become the unexpected backdrop to not just the recent Yeezy collection but to Dior’s Resort collection. Maria Grazia Chiuri’s dig into the archives led her to discover the 1951 Lascaux collection – an encounter that inspired the fortuitous marriage between the Lascaux’s inspiration of ancient cave paintings and the natural elements of the Californian dessert. Dresses billowed behind the models in the dry dessert breeze, whilst earth tones mixed with fiery reds added to the Western inspiration. Best of all, Chiuri’s cave painting prints were brought to life, as these prehistoric paintings of animals roamed freely down the catwalk. 

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