Of Myths, Legends and Lore

Some people love it and some people can’t stand it. Some have fully embraced it as a lifestyle and some scoff and turn away from the sight of it. The unicorn-themed trend has been on the rise for some time of late from unicorn-themed food to makeup products.

What first started out as a fun marketing ploy for Instagram purposes have quickly turned into an obsession and large beauty brands have been the first adopters on the scene. Too Faced launched their lipstick in Unicorn Tears, Nails Inc introduced their Unicorn Nail Polish Duo Kit and other brands have pushed out products that follow the holographic, duotone and/or pastel colourway. And the biggest reminder that the unicorn-trend has become less hipster and more commercial, Starbucks recent debut of their Unicorn Frappucino, a product that has become a social media sensation.

Even fashion has been touched by the magical powers of this mythical creature. 2016 saw the rise of many high luxury brands pushing out unicorn-embellished clothing. Valentino Resort 2016 came out with a fun unicorn-printed little black dress worn by Emilia Clarke and Alexander McQueen’s two unicorn embellished gowns were worn by Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie at special events. Although rocking a sequined unicorn embellished gown may be impossible for everyday wear, there are a plethora of options at your fingertips. For a more subtle approach, opt for a pairing of pastel colours, a standalone piece with high shine fabric or go even more casual with Rihanna Fenty Puma’s new Bow Slide Sneakers in some to-die-for hues.