The Perks of a Tiny Bag

Our favourite accessory is also the most versatile—the bag. As pockets don’t look too nice on most pieces of womenswear, we can’t go anywhere without something to carry all of our most important belongings.

And this season, tiny bags are trending. Though this may seem daunting at first—really, how much can you fit in such a small piece—good things do come in small packages.

Louis Vuitton showed us that a check-print bag just slightly bigger than the hand carrying it can be the perfect completion to any ensemble, or even an oversized-wallet piece will add some charm to your look. Such bags can come with or without a handle.

In Chanel’s collection, there were many miniature bags with long straps for those who want the tiny bag style and keep both hands free. These pieces came in a few styles not far from the label’s iconic style, ranging from a simple, hot pink box shape, to a classic bucket bag, and even to a quirky robot purse.

Hermès gave us a unique bag with two layers of hair and a concise handle, and from Givenchy we saw an embossed leather piece with a circular handle almost bigger than the bag itself, proving that a tiny bag does not mean tiny allure.

If you think about it, how much “stuff” do we really need anymore? Because of smart phones and their many functions, all we need when we leave the house is a phone, keys, a credit card, and most importantly: lipstick.