KiraKira on the wall, who's the sparkliest of them all?

When Selfridges has decked their window displays with seasonal motifs, you know it’s nearing that time of the year again. The lights have gone up, Santa has come out and shopping seems near impossible. Christmas jumpers have also come out in full force. But the general rule of festive dressing stays true every year; the key to all great seasonal looks is sparkle.

With the advent of the KiraKira+ app, an Instagram favourite, sparkle and shine have never witnessed such popularity. But despite its ties to the holiday season, the catwalk has also pushed forth the case for heavy embellishment as the 80s disco theme became a running trend. Designers such as Emilia Wickstead, Rochas and Julien Macdonald all debuted fully embellished metallic dresses that reflected light from every angle. Other designers opted for a rainbow sparkle effect – colourful stripes that ran vertically and horizontally to add extra vibrancy to the already sequinned getups.

If the head-to-toe sparkle look isn’t up your alley, accessories and makeup have also taken this on in full force. Who can forget the famed Saint Laurent slouchy embellished boots that all the celebrities are wearing, or the Gucci collars that stood out against the otherwise Renaissance looks. Fashion has embraced its holiday spirit early and we’re all here for it.